I am back for more of my running commentary (I am so sorry I just had too). I figured I would use this blog to answer some questions I get from people and give some advice (cause you know I am guru lol) I am been running a lot since I am preparing for my first half marathon on March 18th. During the prep process I have been asking everyone I know who runs what they think I should do to prepare (sorry to all of those people) and I have gotten a lot of good advice. That led me to realize something new about running and that is that there is no set way to do it. I have gotten lots of good advice and I am trying to figure out what I think is best for me.

   So I guess here is some advice for everyone: do whats best for you. If you feel good while running keep running if you don’t feel good while running stop. The one thing that I seem to see everywhere is that you should never run more then 10% more then you did the week before because that leads to injury and that seems like good advice to me (OK I may not have always followed that but it really is a good advice). Most runners will never win a race so for them its about a personal reason for them whether it be because they love it, to get in shape or even to raise money for a charity people are running for themselves. I started out running to get into better shape, hoping to raise money for a charity someday and found myself loving running.

    The two hardest parts of running for me are finding time for the long runs and actually getting out to run. I know if you look at my Facebook page I am not always super busy and like adult beverages from time to time but a long run can take from two to three hours so it is the kind of thing that you need to plan your schedule around. For me wanting to do longer races it is important to get long runs in as often as possible. If you are running for short distances or to get into shape then do not worry about that kind of time a four to five mile run should take about fifty minutes so you would only need to block out an hour at a time. The other hard part of running is the actual getting out and doing it. Once I get out to run I never regret it but sometimes the putting on running clothes leaving my house to run is not easy. Sometimes I have to give myself a pep talk then once I do it I am happy I did. Much like most things in life just getting out and doing it is the hard part.

   Thanks again for reading, commenting and passing my blog along to people. Please feel free to keep passing it along and if you have any topic ideas please let me know. I got one about races and that will be my theme next week for sure!

   Here is some parting wisdom: no matter how slow or fast you run, its 100% faster then when you are sitting on the couch!